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green houses

Benefits of Green House Humidification

Green house humidification

The Miatech equipment used for room humidification can also be used in greenhouses to maintain humidity levels. Another common use of our humidification equipment is to moderate temperatures on very hot days.  

Heat shock can destroy crops in a greenhouse environment, evaporative cooling through high pressure mist nozzles, placed properly throughout the greenhouse can quickly return temperatures to a safe level. This solution ensures that valuable crops are secure during periods of extreme high temperatures. Contact a Miatech representative to learn more about how we can help protect your greenhouse investment.

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If reducing heat is a concern, the Miatech system is an excellent solution.

Ody, Sales Manager, Greece

For hot days, Miatech’s mist cooling system works quickly and reliably.

Sergey, Project Manager, Ukraine

Equipment in Use

floral humidification

Best solution against heat shock


prevents plant heat shock

Improves working environment


greenhouse humidification

Protection from freezing during winter